Chocolate was a Morden family passion well before Fred Morden Sr. and his son Blake officially opened Winnipeg’s first chocolate-making business in 1959. Soon, Blake’s wife Shirley joined the business And when their children, Fred Jr. and Cara-Lee were old enough, they were also enlisted into the family business.

      The Mordens’ passion drove them to innovate. Chocolate-covered Ginger and chocolate-covered jujubes were just two products which proved to be a hit. Another was their Russian Mints which won top prize for the Best Chocolate Piece at the 1984 World Fair in New Orleans.

      Three generations later, the innovation and passion for quality chocolate continues. The Morden family now offers more than 70 packaged and loose products at their 674 Sargent Avenue factory / storefront and Mordens’ Chocolate has become internationally famous.

      Mordens’ also supports the local community through sponsorship donations to events such as:
      The Children’s Rehab Golf Tournament
      The Hope Classic Golf Tournament
      The Jonathan Toews Fore Kids Golf Tournament
      The Variety Club Golf Tournament
      The Misericordia Hospital Golf Classic
      The War Vets Dinner

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