Sarah started Bo & Co. Creative as a catch-all for her creative pursuits. It soon evolved into making “No Flyers Please” stickers to help people stop the onslaught of flyers and help to reduce paper waste.
She started selling her “No Flyers Please” mailbox stickers at The Forks Trading Company, mainly just to help people get rid of flyers without having to make a sign out of paper, a sharpie, and packing tape.
More recently, she’s started to learn woodworking, and now creates art and custom signs with a scroll saw which now happily consumes most of her free time.

How do you take your coffee (or tea!)?

Black! I used to work in hospitality so there was no time for cream and sugar, just pure, unadulterated caffeine.

What’s your favourite scent?

I love beachy and clean scents. I’ve been obsessed with Piper and Perro’s Arid and Veil perfumes lately.

What inspires you to create?

Literally everything, I get completely random inspo regularly.

I am super obsessed with fonts and typography though, so that inspires me a lot. I think I’ll eventually design my own fonts to use in my designs.

Also when I see something cool that inspires me, I’m that person who’s like ” hmm I feel like I could make something like that” Then I end up down a drawing/designing/building rabbit hole and end up with something that I either love or epically failed at, but I always learn something.

How did you get started as a Maker?

I think I just got some fun ideas, learned how to make them, and then trial and error-ed it until I had a good finished product. I think the biggest thing is not being afraid to learn and try new things. I can’t not make the things after an ideas pop in my head, it would drive me crazy, so I kinda had no choice.

What has your most exciting experience as a Maker been so far?

I think just when I tell and show people the things I create and explain the backstory of them, it makes me realize how much I’ve learned and the skills I’ve developed. That’s always super exciting for me and it makes want to do more.

What are some of the challenges you’ve overcome with your business?

I feel like the biggest challenge is the need to be continuously self-motivated. I’m employed full time, and I love my job and spending time with my family, so dedicating time and energy to my own side biz and hobbies too can be tiring. There’s no one pushing me to keep doing it, so I’m relying on me for motivation. Some days I crash and let myself do nothing, which is super necessary.

What is one piece of advice would you give to new makers?

Almost everything you make will go through an ugly phase. You will want to stop and throw it away.

But don’t! It usually gets way better, you just have to recognize when it’s in the ugly phase and trust the process. It’s honestly rare that any project goes perfectly beginning to end.

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