Alicja Confections - Postcard Chocolate Bars

Alicja Confections - Postcard Chocolate Bars

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Each bar is wrapped in beautifully designed packaging, ready to send in the mail just like a postcard. Send a Postcard Chocolate Bar to your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, best friend, co-worker and whoever else you can think of.  Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just a great way to say "Hey, I'm thinking of you, boo!"  Yes a postcard you can eat!

  • Made in Canada
  • 85g ( 3oz)
  • 100% ethically sourced cocoa



Cheese Please: 28% white chocolate with a blend of real cheeses.  Tastes like cheesecake!  Gluten-free friendly.

Ember Island: 60.1% dark chocolate with added cinnamon and paprika.  People who have sworn they don't like chili chocolate love this bar!  Vegan friendly, Gluten-free friendly.

Go Nuts: 33.6% milk chocolate with powdered donut pieces.  The perfect bar for a birthday! 

Gone Fishing: 

Hippy: 70.5% dark chocolate covered with super foods - sweet goji berries, organic cocoa nibs, crunchy chia seeds.  Made with a special dark chocolate it's earthy rich flavour blends well with all of it's toppings.  Vegan friendly, Gluten-free friendly.

Holosugar: 33.6% milk chocolate covered with glittery, crunchy and sweet sanding sugar. Holo lovers...welcome!  Gluten-free friendly.

Lavender Lilac: 33.6% milk chocolate sprinkled with dry lavender flowers. This is an aromatic luxurious chocolate bar.  Gluten-free friendly.

Nicholas: 33.6% milk chocolate covered with crunchy salted potato chips. The most popular! Gluten-free friendly.

Rose: 54.5% dark chocolate with flavoured with premium French oils used by the world's finest bakers and confectioners to create the perfect blend of rose flavour. Vegan friendly, Gluten-free friendly.

Strawberry Blond: 28% White chocolate with delicious strawberries and crunchy puffed rice.  Alicja's all time favourite bar!  Gluten-free friendly.

Tiger Butter: 33.6% milk chocolate swirled with peanut butter.  It's a little salty and sweet!  Gluten-free friendly.