The Friends Collection - Karissa
The Friends Collection - Karissa

The Friends Collection - Karissa

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The Friends Collection
Location of stone - INDIA, CHILE, SPAIN & RUSSIA
Karrisa is a beloved friend to me in my life. She is best described as sporty, adventurous, honest, trustworthy & kind. Her determination, perseverance, & strength has been something I admire. She uplifts many lives in a positive way without realizing it. Aventurine is known for prosperity. With Karrisa in my life, it definitely makes me feel prosperous.
The Aventurine stone strengthens leadership & decision making qualities. This stone boosts perseverance, creativity, regeneration, empathy & compassion. Evoking stability of one's mind, health, perception and environmental awareness.
  • Sterling silver plated hamilton gold
  • Handmade in Winnipeg