Dino Dish Scrubber

Dino Dish Scrubber

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It's been 65 million years since dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Now these ferocious tyrants are back... to help you clean the dishes! Introducing the Dino Dish Scrubber, the fun prehistoric pal that makes dish washing an adventure every time! Dino Dish Scrubber's long neck and bristles makes it easy to get those hard to reach places in mugs and bowls and allows for great dexterity and thoroughly clean dishes. 

Dino Dish Scrubber is made out of solid beechwood and features durable PBT bristles.  

Dino Dish Scrubber makes washing dishes fun for kids and easier for adults! The perfect cleaning companion, Dino Dish Scrubber is a timeless tool and a welcome addition to any sink.