Haupy's Rubs
Haupy's Rubs

Haupy's Rubs

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  • 99 g
  • World famous in Canada, a true Canadian taste!
  • Please rub responsibly!
  • Made in Canada

Beaver Rub

Legend has it that beaver steaks sustained the mighty Voyageurs throughout their exploration of Canada! Boiled bland beaver became boring! Luckily we now have... Haupy's Beaver Rub. Perfect for beaver meat or any other critter! It's dam good... just use your imagination!

H.B.R. "Spicy" is a beautiful hotter version of our original seasoning. It is a versatile addition to any recipe. Use as a meat rub on beef, fowl, pork or fish. Perfect in soups, sauces and marinades. You will be sorry you did not buy more, but some lessons are hard learned.

Ingredients: Spices, Garlic Salt, Canola Oil

Moose Rub

The moose has a long and prolific history in Canada. The Indigenous Peoples and early settlers relied on the moose for meat, clothing and tools. All hail the swamp donkey! Perfect for your BBQ and grilling needs. It's darn good... just use your imagination!

A fantastic seasoning not limited to moose, or meat for that matter! One puck will give you a taste, but we are sure you will be back for more! H.M.R. Maplesque has a subtle, sweeter profile than H.M.R. Original. A versatile addition to any recipe. Use as a meat rub on beef, fowl, pork or seafood. (Not for use on knuckleheads!)

Ingredients: Spices, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Red Pepper, Onion, Salt, Silica (for anti-caking)

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