Tharika founded Blue Pendulum Jewelry brand, which is based in Winnipeg, in the year 2014. She started creating jewelry as an experiment to work with resin. And her love for inner workings of watches made her combine them with resin to create one of a kind jewelry pieces. Her attention to detail and unique designs made it an instant hit at the local craft markets.

Fast-forward to today, Blue Pendulum has evolved into a much bigger brand with a broader offering of jewelry for both women and men. But our commitment to using quality materials and designing unique jewelry has been the heart and soul of the brand from day one and will continue to be.

How do you take your coffee (or tea!)?


What’s your favourite scent?

Fruity and Floral scents!

What inspires you to create?

Nature, colours, and textures.

How did you get started as a Maker?

I wanted to try a new medium called ‘resin’ when it wasn’t as popular as today and started creating jewelry with it and been doing that ever since.

What has your most exciting experience as a Maker been so far?

Seeing customers fall in love with designs I’ve created.

What are some of the challenges you’ve overcome with your business?

Learning how to run a business without getting burnt out. This was a challenge as a business owner who is also a mom. Managing your time becomes essential when you are wearing several hats.

What is one piece of advice would you give to new makers?

Don’t keep dreaming about starting something; you just have to do it. Also learn the business side of things to increase the success of your journey.

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